DONE: Force dbFront to load a fresh copy of the data everytime.

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We have tables, some with views that need to load a fresh copy of the data every time the user uses them in a lookup or elsewhere.

The issue is that we update these tables externally and dbFront does not recognize the updates because sometimes it is working with cached data. This shows up in multiple places:

  • When using fields from the Profile Table in the page headers,
  • When using dropdowns/lookups,
  • When editing other records on the same table grid.

It would be great if we could force dbFront to always load fresh data for these tables.

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As of dbFront, you can now disable the caching on specific tables. dbFront will then make extra efforts to always load fresh data for those tables in all situations.

This obviously has performance implications as dbFront is forced to return to the database and reload the data for that table everytime a screen is reloaded.

This table level CacheControl, is in addition to the previously existing Force Server Lookup flag that is available on Lookup fields.

Any changes to the table setting takes effect immediately.

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