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  • Customization - 36 questions
  • Database Connection - 3 questions
  • Errors - 28 questions - The Errors category is a good place to ask about error messages and their meanings. But the Q/A site is not a great place to report bugs. If you think you have found a bug then please send an email to [email protected] You will get much faster support that way.
  • Feature Requests (All) - 118 questions - Request or Vote for the Features you want and the implementation (answer) that you like the best. Please describe the problem you are trying to solve.&nbsp; We may be able to provide a work-a-round. Feature Requests are handled as resources become available.&nbsp; If your request is high priority then please consider <a href=''>funding the specific feature</a> you need.
  • How To - 52 questions
  • Installation - 23 questions
  • Licensing - 3 questions - Questions about dbFront licensing
  • Reporting - 6 questions
  • Security - 9 questions
  • Unknown - 3 questions
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