DONE: Increase the Timeout for SQL queries and commands

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How can I increase the timeout for SQL queries in dbFront?

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dbFront version introduced the ability to set a connection timeout.

There are two methods for changing the connection timeout.

a) Connection Access

​The easiest way to update the timeout is via the Access button on the Advanced Database screen.

The Command Timeout is found on the first tab of the Connection Access dialog.

Once the update is saved then it should take affect immediately.

b) Connection Config File

​​Another alternative is to open the folder [C:\Data\dbFront\Data\ConnectionConfig] and edit the config file for your connection.

​Directly under the password you can add the following.​

​ <CommandTimeout>120</CommandTimeout>

​The value of 120 represent 120 seconds or 2 minutes.

Once the connection config file is saved then you will need to restart the dbFrontService.

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