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We receive a large number of PDF forms. Currently we have to extract the data from each PDF individually into a csv file, combine the files and then load them to our DB. This is very time consuming. It would be great if DBFront could import PDF forms, preferably multiple PDF files at one time.

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dbFront now allows you to import PDF fields very similar to Excel or CSV files.

This is an Enterprise-Only feature.

Below is a suggested process.

  • Create a single table with all possible PDF fields. The initial import attempt will name all missing fields.
  • Import the PDF contents, dbFront will create and display the record.
  • Create a RunProcedure action button with a validation procedure that examines the current record and flags any errors, or pushes the record into your main structures if it is valid.

NOTE: This version does not allow uploading multiple PDF files at the same time. If loading multiple PDFs is important then please consider funding this Feature Request if it interests you.

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Thank you sir!
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