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Is there any way to make an Advanced Search field longer than 50 characters? This generates so many unnecessary support requests because users cannot find something.

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I see what you mean.  What maximum would you consider acceptable?  I don't want to leave it unlimited.
It's hard to say because it depends on the field.  For example, 50% of our customer names are over 50 characters, so that's a common issue.

If there were no other option, I'd say 100 would alleviate most issues, however, as you have a "Max Length" constraint on Field Preferences, what about a "Max Search Length" constraint (defaulted at 50)?  (I know...sure, I can just pop that in. :) )
That was helpful. I will set it at 200 and let you know via this issue when it is done.

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As of dbFront 1.2.5, dbFront now has a 200 character limit on the search input fields. I decided it was not at this point worth it to make it configurable.

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