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Is there a way to allow a user to input data that isn't part of the table? Example - I want to create a button that runs a stored procedure that moves data from one server to another server (linked). I would like the user to be able to input the Source and Destination. I'm assuming I'd have to add Source/Destination columns to the table?

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This would be very useful. Indeed, the ability to use an Action Button to call an SP and provide parameters with prompts to enter any data not associated with the table at all. In essence, just run the SP and enter the parameters.

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The ability for custom ActionButtons to prompt users for additional information was added in dbFront

You are able to setup a HTML template for the Prompt dialog (not required), and select the table or view fields you need extra input for.

For each of the table or view fields you can specify if they are:

  • Read-only: For information only,
  • Updateable: Saved to the database,
  • Passthrough: Passed directly to the button action without saving,
  • Required: Require user input.

For more complete instructions see: Action Button Prompts

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That's useful. Is there a way to add a prompt field for an input that doesn't exist in the table? It looks like in Prompt Dialog options, I can only select from the table that I'm in on dbFront, but if I a have a SP that looks at other tables and requires and input for those, I cant just add a blank input parameter to pass through that links to the input on the SP.

Example: I have an SP that has 6 input parameters. 4 of them I can pick, 3 of them are parameters the user has to type in e.g. StartDate and EndDate.
You can add fields in two ways, via view columns, or by adding otherwise hidden columns to a table.   The hidden column route would be required if you want to add a lookup reference to another table.  More documentation to follow.
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