DONE: Conditional Form Field visibility, similar to ActionButtons

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The flexibility for creating the input form is somewhat limiting. I am unable to remove fields that I do not want to be updated as well as not being able to use logic for when a input box should be presented, based on the input to a different field.

While it was very easy to create a form, it was either difficult or impossible to customize it to be consumed by non-admin users. It could be that I was not able to figure it out but there also was not any instruction that I could find to help. I think this tool has a lot of potential and it is one of the best ones that I have seen, however, for an application whose primary purpose is to put a web front-end to a database, the flexibility in designing that front end is not quite there.

​I think the easiest way is to provide an illustration.

The form has a question asking if you like A or B. Based on the selected value additional questions are provided that are specific to your response of A or B.

Another example is, if you provide a date that is before a set date, say 1/1/2016, then another question is presented to provide specific information needed prior to the selected date. If the date is after the set date the additional questions do not appear.

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Similarly, I'd like to be able to drive one drop down off the values entered in a preceding drop down. For example I have two related drop downs: company and store. Stores are owned by companies and related by FK. When I pick a company from DDL 1 I'd like to be able to choose only valid stores from DDL 2.

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@EdSzumowski,  What you want is a cascading dropdown.   dbFront already does that.   See:
Great! Thanks Anthony, you're the man

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As of version, dbFront allows field groups to have conditional visibility. The visibility can be based on currently saved values or the visibility can change dynamically as users update unsaved form values.

The conditional visibility is being managed through field groups to accommodate a future dbFront release that will use those field groups as the basis for creating form wizards.

Note: Visibility that requires date math can be implemented by adding a view column or calculated column that includes the date calculation, e.g. InvoiceAge = (SysDate - InvoiceDate) formatted as days. You could then display instructions to your users and supporting fields for handling overdue accounts.

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