DONE: Add the ability to specify a comma separated list of values when searching.

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dbFront supports numeric ranges and selecting multiple lookup items but it would be great if

"Advanced Search allow the use of comma separated values. E.g. if I am searching for multiple serial numbers in a Product table, it'd be nice to be able to type 12345, 23456, 56789 and have dbFront return the corresponding data."

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dbFront version 1.1.3 supports Full-Text search on Text fields. Full-Text search is Enterprise functionality.

Using Full-Text search it is easy to construct a query that returns multiple values using the OR syntax.

Assuming you are looking for the values: red, green, blue, yellow, then the queries would be constructed as follows:

  • MySql: "B:red green blue". Note: The prefix "B:" forces advanced Boolean search in MySQL.

  • Oracle: "red OR green OR blue". Note: OR can be replaced with the pipe | character.

  • SQL Server: "red OR green OR blue". Note: OR can be replaced with the pipe | character.

NOTE: Oracle has a VERY interesting operator named ACCUMulate that can be replaced with the , (comma) which gives preference to results that contains the widest representation of the specified keywords. See: Oracle ACCUMulate

For more details see: Full-Text Search

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