Add a built-in backup to drive like Google drive

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Hello, could you provide a bit of context to explain why you would want dbFront to manage the backup?
Yes. Dbfront, is an app for the expert and less expert. So, it could be nice to offer a link to a cloud backup, like Google drive, or any other.
This feature, with auto restoration engine, will offer a full round complete package for everyone,

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I think this sits outside of the remit of dbFront. This is adding a database administration function into what is essentially a great development tool.

There is a danger of trying to make dbFront do too much - I'd say stick to the development aspects.


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For the most part I agree with Colin. This is beyond the scope of what I had originally imagined should be dbFront's responsibility.

At the same time I have had occasion to setup multiple client virtual private servers and I have been surprised at how poor or expensive the default backup options were.

There is a pile of good server backup solutions including free or paid options. Linked is a list of some that I would personally recommend: Server Backup Suggestions

At the same time, if dbFront and a database are the only thing you care about on a server, then it would almost seem intuitive if dbFront could handle the backup functionality itself. Especially since dbFront already has the built-in ability to Export/Import databases.

If you feel this is valuable then please vote on this suggestion. If I get more requests or funding then I will definitely consider adding this functionality.

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