DONE: Ability to filter rows based on NULL field values

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It would be really useful for me to be able to filter rows based on a field value. E.g. filter out all rows that are NOT NULL in a table.

EDIT: For clarity, I mean it would be useful for me to not display rows that have a null value for a certain field in the table view. This would filter out unnecessary records and clean up the record list for my user's.

Not sure if this is possible, but just a suggestion.

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Is this only a sorting request.. or is filtering also part of this request?  By default NULL values should sort to the top when the order is ascending.
Actually now you mention it, I would say my request actually relates more to filtering. As in, being able to filter out rows based on if a field is null or not. Would be very useful, I'll update my post to reflect this.
I decided to reopen this request because I do believe it has value and it is not a duplicate.

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This functionality was introduced in dbFront

Beside each Advanced Filter field you will see a checkbox with a tool tip indicating that you can filter on empty values. As of 1.0.11, Empty values include both Null and Blank values.

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