DONE: Return multiple result sets from a Stored Procedure

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Can dbFront be modified to support stored procedure output for stored procedures written to return multiple result sets?

I can imagine several use cases for a feature such as this, but for our needs....a simple autoformatted set of displayed tables would be sufficient.

For example, if a stored procedure returned a 3 column data set along with an error/success message, dbFront would display the first dataset as a table, and (I assume) the error message as a second table. That second table would have 1 row and 1 column, and would contain the error message string only.

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A large part of this feature request would revolve around what should be done with the procedure results.  Could I ask you to elaborate on that?  What would you want dbFront to do with the procedure output?
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dbFront 1.3.0 fully supports Stored Procedures that return multiple result sets.

Those multiple resultsets can either be displayed raw, included in a Template-Based report, or exported as CSV or Excel.

An Excel template can be used and you can specify where in the Excel template you want to dump each individual resultset. dbFront will automatically expand the section as required. dbFront will also skip over formula columns so it is easy to include formulas in your Excel templates.

Stored procedures can perform highly complex business logic and return highly dynamic results and result formats. This is an excellent way to quickly generate very complex reports or exports that are still very easy to maintain.

This is great for when you need to create complex quotes that require loading multiple sections of an Excel template. Examples include quotes for insurance, construction or any other field where there are multiple sections such as pricing details, quote-specific terms and conditions, notes and more.

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