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Could we please have the option to disable tooltips, as my user's do not find it helpful.

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If tooltips are annoying or unhelpful then they are not being done right.  Could you ask your users what specific tooltips bother them and why.  Other users are asking me to add more not less.
Hey Anthony,
It's taking up too much screen real estate for them, when they go to select a value from a dropdown list the tooltip covers the selection so they can't see behind it to the list (if that makes sense). It's not helpful for them in that scenario as the dropdown lists hold the values anyway, and the tooltip just displays the value again but confuses them as its in a box in front of where they are trying to click.
Okay, I see the problem.   Thanks.

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This functionality was updated in dbFront

Tooltips for Input values and select fields are now access via the help icon beside the field.

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Thank you Anthony!!!
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