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The default install for the site is quick and SQL connection is simple but making appearance changes to the site is not simple as with other online website creators. As some of us are not HTML experts. When changing the Logo and removing header items there is a need to look for and edit files. One site that is user friendly I have worked on is Word Press. WP allows you to add a .jpg picture and edit menu items without touching any code. To add a pic to a page you would just upload pic to your WP library. Then SQL registers this as a link. You copy this link to the page you are editing. Easier for everyone.


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As of version, the dbFront setup screen allows you to directly edit the needed HTML templates for the site header and footer as well as the login screen.

There is no more need to find and edit config files and manually encode HTML.

I considered using the RichText editor in the same way that the RichText editor is used to create user help but decided that the RichText editor could get in the way and mess up the needed HTML.

This release of dbFront also allows you to specify a logo file. dbFront will confirm the logo file's existence, type and size. This logo file will automatically be used for the login screen, site header, and report logos.

Previous installs of dbFront will need to update the Site Header HTML and Login page Notice HTML to include the keyword {%LogoUri%} which will be replaced with the URL of the logo file.

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