DONE: Allow the export of single table definition

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I have four applications running in dbFront that all use the same SQL Server database. They all revolve around our Person table but are completely separate in terms of functionality. These are:

  • Our Membership database
  • Our Foundation database
  • Our Volunteer database
  • Our Event database

Each of these has the requirement to create and update records in our Person table. We will have other applications soon that also use our Person table. They are each set up as a separate connections in dbFront in order to easily control access to them.

So far I've had to define the layout of the Person table four times. It would have been much easier if I'd been able to just export this single table and then import it into the new application.

On a much wider basis, wouldn't it be great if there was a "Data Dictionary" defined at table level that could just be "included" into any application connection - this is a big ask, I know, but think of the flexibility it provides.

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dbFront allows you to optionally select one or more tables during the export process.

dbFront will then export only those tables, their relationships, their configuration and their data.

If no tables are selected then dbFront will default to exporting all database objects it has access to.

For more details see: Export / Import

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