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Currently a selected record in a parent table filters the child table. Is there a way to have another level of filtering where the selected record in a child table filters the 3rd table ("grandchild table")?
And if not, would this be considered a custom coding request or core improvement?
Thank you!

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At the moment dbFront only shows the two levels, Parent and Child as you observed. Adding a third layer would significantly increase the screen complexity and mess with the usability both for the user and as a developer. This especially becomes a problem on smaller screens.

My suggestion is to teach your users to open the child record as a main record if they want to drill down. There is a "Maximize" icon at the top right corner of each child record. They can right click on this to open it in a new tab.

If you still strongly want to see three levels then please send an email to [email protected] where we can continue the discussion further.

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The "Maximize" button does accomplish what I was looking for. Thanks for you help!
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