Have multiple forms per table or reference the same table in manage tables to achieve multiple forms.

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Having only one form per table is too limiting. For this tool to work for me (and to compete with Airtable, for example) I need to have the ability to view table data in several formats depending on the need. Moreover, it would be good to be able to set user credentials allowing access to all or some of these multiple forms.

A way to achieve this without too much programming it would seem is to simply allow tables to be duplicated in the Manage Table lists while giving an opportunity to assign a caption or alias to these duplicated tables.

Also, while I'm a very new user of dbFront, there doesn't appear to be a way to save common filters or filter on a prompted value. Moved to: Saved Filters and Sorting

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Part of your request is a duplicate of another feature request.  Please vote for:
Moved and added a link to your other request explaining the filtering request.

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Solution #1: Create a separate database connection and in this way create a completely separate application with completely different security, form layouts and reports.

This solution is appropriate if you are serving different departments (HR vs Finance) or completely different user classes. e.g. Internal users vs Public users vs Vendors.

This is also the most secure solution since you can use database security to ensure that the user group can't possibly bypass dbFront security and access more than they should.

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Solution #2: Use Visibility Conditions to hide or show different parts of the Form as needed.

This solution is appropriate if the purpose is to have the form layout respond to the current record's status.

As of version, dbFront has the ability to hide and show field groups in addition to the ability to manage button visibility. This can be used to hide or show fields based on the contents of the current record or any data reachable via a joined view.

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Having multiple forms layouts per table within a single application is interesting and I have had other requests for this feature.

The biggest question to consider is how deep the configuration duplication goes and how much configuration would be shared between the forms.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request and this Answer if the other proposed solutions are not enough.

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