DONE: Save table grid changes directly to database without Save button

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Our users have lots of data entry to do and they would like to edit within the dbFront table grid in the same way they currently use Excel. They simply want to make changes and have the changes automatically save.

These changes would not be for a child table. They would be on the primary table.

We don't want dbFront to cache the changes because we don't want to risk loosing the changes. We want those changes to save directly to the database without any further prompts or questions.

They don't want a Save button.

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As of dbFront 1.1.4, you can configure dbFront grids/tables so that any changes are automatically saved to the database without any prompt.

This setting is made at the database level so that users can expect consistent behaviour across all tables in a database. It is also possible to fully disable grid editing at the database level.

If grid editing is enabled then dbFront allows individual columns to be marked as:

  • Default: The column will follow the editing properties of the form.
  • Read-Only: The column will be read-only regardless of the form properties.
  • Editable: The column will be editable regardless of the form properties.

The Detail Form continues to operate as before.

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