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It seems that currently only Numeric and Date fields allow for searching by range. It would be nice if this option was available for Text fields as well.

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Understood, but could I ask for examples of what you might want to look for.   Sometimes a wild card search might cover your needs.
I have to double-check, it was requested by a user for the purposes of listing product codes that start with a certain set of characters. I think the regular string search was including other codes with the same characters in the middle of the string. I didn't know wildcards were supported, that might be all we need.
For details on using wildcards see:
Thanks! I'll pass that along. Feel free to delete this feature request; I think wildcards will suffice instead of ranged searches for our needs.

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Although a range search might make sense for some text columns, the nature of text fields is that their content can be extremely varied with patterns that don't always follow a simple sequence.

The existing ability to use wildcards, and if needed, full-text search, is still a good and flexible solution.

For more details on searching text columns see: Custom Text Search

For this reason I am going to skip this feature request. Please comment below if you think of reasons to pursue this further.

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