Sorting a money column

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I have a money column that I would like to sort on and display in the grid view with formatting ($###,###,##0.00)
Format String in Field Preferences seems to have no effect.*
I can add it as a formatted column from a view, but then the sorting is off because it gets converted to nvarchar.
Can there be a way for dbFront to sort on raw data but display a formatted string?

*As an aside - when are Format Strings supposed to work? I tried a few strings on integer and decimal columns and nothing had any effect.

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Format Strings work in output such as reports.  They also used to work in the table grid but that changed when I added the Grid Editing functionality.
Ok that explains it, thank you.

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The plan for this feature is to have dbFront:

  1. Apply the Format String to all Read-Only grid fields.
  2. Trigger server side sorting for formatted fields.

NOTE: Please vote on or Fund this Feature Request if it interests you.

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