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Interesting request from a user here:
They want something like a "resources" tab where we can put links to external resources, so dbFront can be the main point of entry to our systems with access to other tools embedded in.

Edit: Just occurred to me that I can pretty much hack together something like this by making an "External Resources" table that contains the urls and add a "Launch" action button that opens the selected resource. So I don't know how valuable this feature request is but leaving it up for the record.

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Would this be table relative, database relative or as soon as they open dbFront?  Your idea about the Resources table would work...
I was imagining on the initial page as soon as they open dbFront, that there would be a Resources button or menu. However the table workaround is fine for me so I think you can skip this request and focus on better things...

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The request was skipped since reasonable options exist.

Table of URLs

Create a separate table that lists all of the URLs and descriptions.

OpenURL Action Buttons

Custom Buttons can be added to any table that will open a specified URL.

Custom Table Help

The Custom Table help can be set up with a list of extra resource URLs.

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