How to add a new stored proc

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I'm expecting that I've missed something in the documentation somewhere but I've got DBFront working with my database and using the stored procs that were there when it was installed and configured. However, I've added a new stored proc for a feature requested by another member of the team. The stored proc works and I've added the button but testing the button it keeps telling me the stored proc doesn't exist.

I've tried restarting IIS on the host and I've restarted the host machine in an effort to get it refreshed but it's still saying the stored proc doesn't exist.

What am I doing wrong?

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dbFront does not cache any Stored Procedure information so restarting the server or service won't help.

The most likely problem is security. Does the user used for that database connection have permission to see the stored procedure?

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Works like a charm.
Glad to hear, I assume that means it was a security issue?
Yes, we set up the applications account with read and write access and had failed to consider that it would need to run stored procs.
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