DONE: Ability to create a Database Home/Welcome page

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dbFront has lots of places where you can configure user help but it would be great if there was a separate home page for each database that could function as a good starting point for more complex or rarely used databases.

  • General welcome guide,
  • Links to other help material,
  • Links / Buttons to common forms, reports, or other actions.
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dbFront 1.2.1 allows you to setup a Database Home screen. The following screenshot is from the demo site.

Home Screen

You can change the title of the screen in the menu and you can make the Database Home the default page for a database.

The Database Home screen supports custom HTML and you can also add existing Forms, Reports and Actions.

  • Rich Text or HTML layout template,
  • Optionally add links to select Table Forms,
  • Optionally add links to select MultiRow Quick Reports,
  • Optionally add links to Action Buttons that don't require an active record,
  • Add Profile Fields and standard macros into the template,
  • Include full size Database Logo in template.

For more details see: Database Home

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