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How can we run Crystal Reports from dbFront?

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dbFront now supports running Crystal Reports.

dbFront has a new action button type that allows you to select an existing Crystal Report, assign the appropriate parameters and visibility rules and make the button available to your regular users.

For more details see: Crystal Reports

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A possibly related FYI, for anyone not married to Crystal Reports: we've been using the open source tool Metabase for BI/reporting. With an Open Url button in dbFront we can generate a parameterized link and launch a prefiltered Metabase dashboard.
With the next news release I should send out a survey and ask users about their Reporting choices.  I have not heard about MetaBase before.  It looks solid.
Yes it's a pretty impressive tool. It can be a bit technical to setup and self-host but it's pretty straightforward. I found and installed it a few years back but only recently have begun slowly adopting it in more areas. The endusers love it.
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