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It would be nice to be able to add new file types to the list to be able to upload. For example, I have small license files that we send to our clients that end in .license. They are just text files but because they end in .license, and that's not a supported extension, I have to either zip them up or change them to .txt to upload them for storage. This is just more of an inconvenience when I have to download it to send to a client. If the file extension / file type list could be editable that would be very helpful. Thanks!

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I have considered this option a few times.

The issue is that dbFront currently takes extra steps to verify that a specific file is in fact what it claims to be. For example, if dbFront allows the upload of a PDF then dbFront will verify that the file contents look like a PDF to ensure that a malicious actor can't upload an executable or other dangerous file type. This is important because files that one user uploads are often immediately available to be downloaded or viewed by a second user.

I definitely would like to implement a solution, but it would involve more than just listing out the valid file extensions.

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Does that mean it's not something you will ever allow?  If you set it up so we have to set the file type, for example my file is a text file with a .license extension then you should still be able to verify it is a text file right?  Or am I missing something?
Yes I hope to implement this but it would involve more then just accepting a list of valid file types.
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