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For our purposes we're using dbfront to populate some tables in a 'config' schema. A series of stored procedures are then executed which generate new tables in our 'production' schema.

Because of how we use dbfront, we only want to be editing the 'config' schema. Whilst we can hide objects in the 'production' schema using the interface, this schema is rapidly changing and it would be nice if we could tell dbfront to ignore / use specific schema to make it a little more manageable.

Can you please add the ability to ignore certain schemas?

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Note: I have removed the Feature Request tag since I don't think I need to do anything further.

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The solution would be to create a database user who only has access to the schemas and objects you care about. You could then update your connection to use that specific user.

Because dbFront only shows objects the user is permitted to see, the result is that it would be an easy way to remove the clutter from dbFront.

Several important benefits are:

  1. More secure since database security can be used to grant only the necessary access: [SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT],
  2. More secure because a hacker can't use a future dbFront flaw to gain extra database access,
  3. More efficient since dbFront has a smaller set of database object to manage. Forcing dbFront to deal with too many objects can cause performance issues.
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