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How do I get the Free license?

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dbFront is freely available and you can use it freely forever!

The primary restriction is the user count, and the limitation that all help is provided by the Q/A and Knowledge Base. You can use referrals to permanently increase your user count.

How to Install the Free License

The steps for getting the Free license are very similar to the other licenses.

  • Download and install dbFront. It is the same install for all licenses.
  • Register dbFront using a non-disposable email address to start your Trial license.
  • Login to dbFront.
  • Open [Help] / [About] and enter the keyword "FREE" as the license code.

NOTE: License key updates and referral notifications are sent to your email address so please avoid using a disposable email address.

It is our hope that dbFront will prove itself to be so valuable that you will invest in a purchased license.

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