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As many people do, we have tables that contain the following fields:

  • CreatedBy
  • CreatedOn
  • ModifiedBy
  • ModifiedOn

We can hide CreatedBy and CreatedOn and set them with default constraints at the database level. However, ModifiedBy and ModifiedOn is more difficult without using (resource-expensive) triggers. It would be better if there was a way to set these in dbfront.

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You can have dbFront automatically populate the ModifiedBy and ModifiedOn fields by means of the Audit Value property on fields.

Please see the following links for further instructions.

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So how would you suggest setting this up? Leave the field selected in the table preferences and set the field preferences to read only and audit value to {datetime()}?
Yes, exactly as you stated.  I would still be tempted to use a database trigger for the modifiedOn since the trigger should be quite light and then you would capture the exact server time.
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