Is there a way to hide the table view?

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I have a database table that is basically just a checklist. I don't want a table view associated to it, I just want to load it and be able to check off tasks as they are completed. Is there a way to hide the table view and just show the form view?

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At the moment there is no way to hide a table view. The closest you can get is to reduce the table grid to a single column and change the layout to table-beside-form.

This is an interesting request and would be the logical result if the table contained a single record and the insert privilege was disabled.

NOTE: Please vote on or consider funding this Feature Request if it interests you.

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I have a table that will only ever have 1 entry in relation to the parent table.  I want to be able to see the table view when I'm selecting it from the Main View but I don't want to see the table view when I'm selecting it from the parent view.  If that makes sense.
Thank you...this application gets better all of the time.  I love it!
Hello Karin.  Is this part of a 1-to-1 relationship?  If so then you would get what you are asking for automatically.
I'm not sure what you mean.  I have a table that holds the setup data for every one of my servers (Cloud Status).  When I look at it from an individual server I see the table view but I only need the form view because there will only ever be 1 entry per server.  I only ever set up the server once.  But if I want to see where the setup lies with all of the servers, I want to be able to view them all from the Main window where all of the data is so I would need both the table view and the form view.  I can't upload screen shots but I think that makes sense.
I just did some googling and I understand what you are saying now.  I guess I've never done a true 1 to 1 relationship.  I'll try that and see what happens.  Thank you as always!!
Based on what you have said so far I think it should work.  Basically the primary key of the child table needs to be a foreign key pointing to the parent table.
I did that but the table form still appears.  Maybe I'm missing something.  I'll investigate it further.
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