Can't login. "The username should not contain '@'"

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I'm trying to install the trial license. My administrative account login information are my microsoft account information, but I get "The username should not contain '@'." How can I finish the installation?

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I'm on Windows 10, I have installed Active Directory, but not configured.

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If you are talking about Active Directory then you likely have a Pro version of windows 10. This means that you can use the internal user manager to create a Non-Microsoft linked account on that workstation.

Microsoft linked accounts require a very different authentication method that is currently incompatible with the needs of dbFront.

To create a local Administrative account you can do the following.

  • Right-click on Start
  • Click on Computer Management
  • Open "Local Users and Groups"
  • Create or select a Non-Microsoft connected user.
  • Ensure that the user is a member of the Administrators group.

An administrator account is required to manage the set up of dbFront.

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It worked! Thank you :)
Good to hear.
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