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With regards the "Quick Search" it would be good if there was an option to select which fields are used in the search. For example, if there's a calculated field on the table view (as it's useful for users) such as a "Count" of records (in a SQL view)

If you then use a search which hits these criteria (e.g. search for a number), it then searches through this view for the value.

Graphically, it makes sense. But from a user experience, it can lead to a very slow search as it has to search the SQL view as well as the static data. Especially if the SQL view is very complex.

Alternative work around is to use SQL to store the information within the table itself, however this would mean that there needs to be a routine to move this data from the view and put in the table.

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To add to this, it could be a good idea to be able to select fields for the Quick Search.  That way you can have the quick search work for fields which are not in the table view.

e.g if your primary key is a GUID.  The user may want to use the quick search on that guid, however its not really user friendly to show in the view.   

(Although could use CSS to hide columns in the view).

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I hope to get to this request soon. It would definitely help with performance.

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