New Version notification isn't going away

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I've installed the latest version but the Notice that a new version is available isn't going away, didn't it used to?

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@Karin, I moved this to "Features - Todo" as a note to myself to add the ability to allow you to select your notification level.

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Right now dbFront tries to be smart about which versions it will make you aware of. Sometimes that logic is not as smart as it could be. Sometimes there is just to much going on. e.g. New Releases.

For the moment you can close the notification and you won't be notified again until something changes.

That said, I hope to release another version of dbFront this week so you might receive another notification.

I plan to add a feature to dbFront so that you can explicitly specify what versions you want to be notified about: [Stable, Feature, or Beta].

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