DONE: Add some way to style the custom layout view to make it easier to recognize.

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Sometimes users accidentally switch themselves to their custom layout and it is not always very easy to recognize. This can make for time consuming support requests as we try to figure out why their screen is different from others.

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As of dbFront 1.2.6, we have made it easier to recognize and style the "My Layout" and "Exit My Layout" buttons.

The following CSS has been added to the default application but you can easily customize it for your own purposes.

button[action="LayoutPersonalCreateUI"] {
    /* No default styling since the user has not yet created a custom layout */
button[action="LayoutPersonalSelect"] {
    background-color: green;
button[action="LayoutMainSelect"] {
    background-color: red;

For instructions on adding custom CSS to dbFront please see: Where do I add custom CSS?

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