Where should I add Custom CSS?

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What steps are required to start adding custom CSS to dbFront?

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dbFront allows you to specify a custom CSS file for the installation or you can specify a custom CSS file for each individual Database.

Site CSS File

To setup the installation CSS file you would:

  • Open the settings [Help] / [Settings] / [Website],
  • Set "Site Css File" to the value "css/customSite.css",
  • Create or edit the CSS file c:\inetpub\dbFront\css\customSite.css.

Database specific CSS File

It is also possible to use a database specific CSS file. The same CSS file can be used for multiple databases.

  • Open the Database Preferences,
  • Set the "Custom CSS File" to something like "css/dbFinance.css",
  • Create or edit the CSS file c:\inetpub\dbFront\css\dbFinance.css.
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