Where should I add Custom CSS?

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What steps are required to start adding custom CSS to dbFront?

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dbFront allows you to specify a custom CSS file for the installation or you can specify a custom CSS file for individual Database applications.

You would start with a blank CSS file and add the CSS changes you want to make to your current Site or Database application.

Site CSS File

The Site CSS file is always loaded by dbFront and allows you to affect your entire install of dbFront. To setup a site CSS file you would:

  • Open the settings [Help] / [Settings] / [Website],
  • Set "Site Css File" to the value "css/customSite.css",
  • Create or edit the CSS file c:\inetpub\dbFront\css\customSite.css.

Database specific CSS File

It is also possible to use a database specific CSS file. The same CSS file can be used for multiple databases.

  • Open the Database Preferences,
  • Set the "Custom CSS File" to something like "css/dbFinance.css",
  • Create or edit the CSS file c:\inetpub\dbFront\css\dbFinance.css.
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