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I have a view attached to my table that I would like to rename. I copied the view and gave it a new name. Is there any way to update the dbfront config to just switch out the old view name with the new, so I don't have to re-add all the fields?

I tried updating :




but that doesn't seem to take.

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The Table Views documentation covers that exact scenario.

  • Create or copy the new view with the same fields as the old view.
  • Open the table preferences and add the new view and position it above the old view and then save. dbFront will rebind all of the view fields to the new view and mark the old view fields as duplicates.
  • As the last step, you open the table preferences and remove the old view.
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Thanks Anthony. I'm getting "Rejecting View [NewViewName]: No valid fields" after adding the new view above the old. I'm on v1.2.6.0184 if this functionality was added/fixed recently.
This has been fixed in dbFront - this is currently a Patch version.
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