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Is there any way to deep link to a PDF/binary file, directly to the file preview page (or download)?

i.e. the page with the URL formatted like:


For example, we now have a process in dbFront where users can request certain documents which they can't generate themselves, but need to be generated by a manager. Thanks to the new WebRequest functionality, this can now all be done directly in dbFront. The manager generates the requested file(s) which save to a child table, and marks the request as complete, which triggers an email notification to the requester. Currently the email contains a link to the request record in dbFront. It would be nice to include links directly to the files, essentially "attaching" the PDF files to the email, so they can click the link and it opens the PDF viewer page in a browser, or downloads the file.

related to an answer for: DONE: Ability to send HTTP POST requests
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Could you give a business case of what you are trying to do?  Is the objective to link to a specific table row and retrieve pull/download a specific field value?  A field that could be an attachment?
Sure, added more detail. One for the nice-to-have-if-not-too-hard-to-implement pile.

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