Returning a completion message from a Stored Procedure while using an Action Button

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In release Version:, Beta
You have the following new functionality and along wit
•ActionButtons: RunProcedure buttons can now display procedure results as a Message, HTML Dialog or Table.
Does this means that I can return a message from my called SP and have it displayed to the user. If so, is there any specific *OUT Parameter Name I need to define in the SP or just return any length varchar field.
In essence, how does this work.

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As indicated Stored Procedures can now return values.

Within the Stored Procedure have a final "SELECT" statement return the result set you are interested in.

In the Procedure tab of the Action Button preferences you can specify the Result type:

  • (Discard Results): This will cause the procedure results to be discarded.
  • Automatic: This will cause dbFront to check the returned value and select HTML as the output format if a single column and row was returned, or TABLE if multiple rows and columns were returned.
  • Message: Return the value from the first column and row as a simple message.
  • HTML: Return the value from the first column and row as HTML that will be shown in a dialog.
  • Table: Build and display an HTML Table using the result set.
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