How do I rollback to a previous version of dbFront?

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I have installed a Beta version of dbFront and would like to rollback to the feature or stable version of dbFront.

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If you have the option then a Backup or Virtual Machine Snapshot is always the preferred option for rolling back to previous versions of Software updates since the results will be more reliable.

If that is not a viable option then rolling back to a previous version of dbFront should be straightforward in most cases. Older versions of dbFront should simply ignore the configuration data for the new functionality provided by newer versions of dbFront. In the event that there is a conflict then older versions of dbFront should be able to revert to valid default values.

Note: The following instructions assume that dbFront was installed to the default locations. You will need to adjust the paths for your environment.

To revert to a previous version of dbFront please do the following:

  • Stop the "dbFront Service":

    net stop dbFrontService

  • Delete the dbFrontService executables:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\dbFront\dbFrontService.exe
    C:\Program Files (x86)\dbFront\dbShared.dll

  • Delete all of the following dbFrontUI files:

    C:\Inetpub\dbFront\bin\ .dll
    C:\Inetpub\dbFront\js\ .js
    DO NOT DELETE any *.config files.

  • Once you have removed the newer files then you can download and install the dbFront version of your choice.

Please test the updated install to ensure that it is solid.

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