Grid Editing

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The ability to edit the data in a grid to allow for more efficient entry.

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This would be very useful for some of the more "Excel" type data that we use. The ability to alter data directly into the "Table" data and then just update it by clicking the Update button would be useful in a number of scenarios that we have here.
Update - 13th May 2020.
If this was also able to incorporate child tables too, it would even be better, something like:

Main Table>     Order Header       Order Date    etc..
                        12345AB              13-May-20
Child Table>    Item Number    Qty    Price        etc..
                       XYZ_123           12      34.56
              ABC_675              1     10.00
Main Table>     Order Header       Order Date
                         56789ZX              15-May-20
Child Table>    Item Number    Qty  Price
                        dfr_765               1   20.00
            P&P                    1     7.95

using colouring and banding to highlight each instance of a new Main Table and +/- buttons to Add/Remove rows on both Main & Child tables
PLEASE add this! We still need SQL scripts for bulk editing, currently.
@gruskada, dbFront now allows for updating or deleting multiple records at a time.
@AnthonyV - this is a nice improvement. Thanks!

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Grid Editing has/is being released with the 1.1.0 version of dbFront. There is still work required to finalize and complete the functionality but it should be complete with the release of the Feature version of dbFront 1.1.0

For release details see: dbFront Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

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Does something need to be enabled for this to work? I'm trying to see it an action on the live demo server but can't seem to get it working. Edit: never mind, just realized the demo server is not running this latest version.
I am still working on solidify the functionality but it is now active on the demo server.  No configuration changes are required.  It should just work although I am considering making it optional.
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