I want to create a Report using only a View

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How do I create a report using only a stand-a-lone database view.

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At the moment there is no way to create a report using only a view but there are two great alternatives.

1. Join a View to a Table

A very good work around is to join a view to an appropriate table and then create a report using that table. The benefit is that you can also filter the report contents by the table fields or and joined lookups.

See: Table Views

2. Stored Procedure based Reports / Exports

With dbFront you can easily create a Report or Export from a Stored Procedure. The benefit of a Stored Procedure is that it can also take parameters and do additional pre or post processing.

In addition, with a stored procedure you can return multiple resultsets for the different parts of the report/export.

See: Stored Procedure Outputs

3. If using a view directly is still required then...

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