DONE: Open and browse to a URL contained in the data.

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In dbFront you can already create action buttons that allow you to open a URL in a dialog / tab  or to navigate to a URL.  See: let me know if you need something beyond that.
I know about the action button. But, what I meant to, is: let says that I had an entry like,, now, I would like to click on the the URL an head to my default browser, to take me to eBay. Or, I have a stored file at c:\mffile\file.txt or \\server\folder\file.txtI would love to access it directly from the entry.
Got it.   You want to be able to browse directly from a URL in a field.   I will update the topic and add a solution.

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There are two options.

Option 1. Url Field

As of dbFront, you can simply change the subtype of the field to Url. You can then specify that the field should be shown as a link. dbFront will automatically add a button to the field allowing users to follow the link. Right-clicking on the button also allows opening the link in a new tab or popup.

Option 2. Open URL Action Button

An action button allows greater control and functionality.

To setup an Action Button:

  1. Create a field that will contain the user entered URL, or a view
    field that returns a properly formatted URL.
  2. Create an ActionButton
  3. Set it to the Open URL type.
  4. Setup the URL so that it uses the field created in Step 1.
  5. Set the visibility of the Action Button so that it is hidden if the field created in Step 1. is null.

For more details see: Open URL Action Button

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For option 1, I don't see Url as a subtype option on a nvarchar column. Does it have to be a different datatype?
I tested and it should work.  That functionality was added in dbFront
Oh ok, sorry I need to update. Thanks.
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