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Hello, could you give a bit of context as to why you would want an APP.  What would you want it to do that the website could not.  Not saying I disagree but specifics are good.
Yap, the website is great, but I think that those days, an app is not just nice to have, it's a part of a complete user oriented software. More than that, a precompiled app allows faster access to the data and the functions.

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This request was originally marked as outside the scope of dbFront. Since then, PWA (Progressive Web App) technology has advanced to the point that we can now build Web Applications that can directly act like installable apps with much of the same functionality.

This means that I can update the dbFront Web client so that it can be installed locally on a desktop or phone with the intention of progressively adding offline functionality.

NOTE: Please vote on the main feature (not this answer) or consider funding this Feature Request if it interests you.

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The website is certainly enough for us. Again, the danger is trying to make dbFront all things to everyone.

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I agree with Colin here, attempting to make dbFront cover all bases is risky given the increase in attack vectors and vulnerabilities that inevitably come with porting an application to a new environment.
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