Custom Todo List implementation including configurable alerts

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This might be out of scope for dbFront, but it would be a really useful feature to be able to alert users when something needs to be done in the system. A small message box, similar to the one that appears when the session is about to expire would be perfect, one scenario would be;

Reminder to fill in/check some records based on the system datetime.

AnthonyV: Updated Title

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Let me know if I captured what you were aiming at.  If so then I might change the title of your feature request.

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This is a very interesting idea. I could see it being part of a custom todo list implementation.

The idea being that dbFront would allow you to specify a Query or View that would collect all of the todo items for a database / user and display them in a priority order. The list would include things like a due date and priority.

Users could click on the todo list items to get to the appropriate table and record.

This could be setup as the default view for a database.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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This would achieve what I mentioned perfectly I think, and is an even better idea. Fully support this Anthony.
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