Open a separate window to update a lookup table.

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When clicking on the GOTO or Maximise 'tablename' buttons to open a lookup table you are taken to the appropriate table (presumably make some changes) and then to get back to where you originally came from you need to find the appropriate Main/Child table from the table list at the top of the grid. As most of the time you are doing this you are probably just making a change or adding a to a single row to the lookup table it would be extremely useful to just open up this lookup table in a floating new window which you can click close when you've done - and your current position within the original Main/Child table structure remains unchanged. This would save a lot of time.


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I agree this would be a helpful improvement but it might result in a limited UI.

As of version, dbFront provides a small help message indicating that you can right-click on the link to open it in a new window or tab.

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