Allow Copy & Paste of images into attachment/object fields

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We are hoping to start to store ID Photos of our volunteers in our membership database. The current method of doing this by browsing to a URL is rather time consuming. Would it be possible to just use "Copy Image" and then paste the clipboard contents into the field?

Essentially we'd want to be able to just copy/paste an embedded image from say an e-mail or from some image image/photo management software such as FastStone Image viewer.

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Hi Anthony, Do you have an idea of whether you will include this in dbFront - we're about to embark on a project that would benefit enormously from it.
I definitely hope to add this functionality in dbFront but there are other priorities I need to deal with first.

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This is definitely a feature I would like to see added. This would apply to all var-binary or blob fields, not just Filestream backed fields.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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