Use action button on new row

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Use Case:
1. creating new blank row
2. fill out some input fields
3. click on one of several action button, generates values for some other fields
4. Save - the object is ready

I can do this easily on an existing row with an action button and a stored procedure. In the new row view all buttons are disabled and there is not yet an existing row to work with afaik. Probably I could use an dropdown field and a database trigger to generate the values for the other fields after creation but the user should see, check and perhaps alter the values prior to saving the entry.

Is there a solution I do not see? Can I anyhow interact with the new row?

Thanks in advance

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The current solution would be to have the user do an initial save of the record to get things started. You could use a hidden or readonly status field to mark this record as "New".

To give your users some guidance you would add context specific help using the following method

Once the record is saved then you can manage the individual button visibility based on the needs of the record. In addition, once saved, the record can be updated as needed by the SetValue or RunStored procedure actions.

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