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Hi was just wondering. I am attempting to connect to a database on my hosting. It is MySQL on a cpanel. If and when I do. Do I then upload the database files to the server. Not quite sure how it all works but really keen to get it going.
Thank you.

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dbFront is designed to run on Windows. You can connect to a MySQL database on a linux WebHost but unless the Windows Server and the Linux host are running in the same environment the connection speed will be too slow to make it really usable.

Most people who are running dbFront in the cloud are running it on a VPS. Some vendors used by my clients are:

The recommended specs are:

  • Windows 2016,
  • 2 CPU,
  • 4 GIG of Ram,
  • SSD is best.

The drive space requirements are minimal.

IMPORTANT: "Windows Hosting" is NOT the same as a VPS (Virtual Private Server). "Windows Hosting" is for Web Applications only. dbFront needs a VPS because it consists of both a .net Web Application and a Windows Service.

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Ok so I would need a Windows server with mysql or a Windows host.  And it gets exported from pc to server.  Think I understand
Note: It would need to be a VPS (Virtual Private Server).   dbFront consists of both a .net Web Application and a Windows Service so it needs a full server.
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