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Using advanced search, I'm trying to exclude lines from displayed results.

When I set "XXX" in a text column filter, dbFront returns lines containing "XXX" ("XXX%" will return lines starting with "XXX" by the way, good to know !)

Now I'm trying to display lines not containing "XXX".
Is there a syntax or a trick to achieve that ?

If there isn't, it could be great to have a checkbox to "invert" the SQL condition.
I'm thinking to wrapping the SQL criteria in "NOT (...)".
Example :
- If not activated, SQL will remain : ... WHERE COLUMN_NAME LIKE '%XXX%' ...
- If activated, SQL will become : ... WHERE NOT ( COLUMN_NAME LIKE '%XXX%' ) ...

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I touched up the question and converted it to a feature request.

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Thank you for this request. A few other clients have asked for the same functionality.

In the meantime, it is possible to accomplish something like what you want by creating a view to return a searchable value that describes what you are looking for. For example. You could create a view that returns "BINGO" for any rows that don't contain XXX. Then within dbFront you can search for the value BINGO to select what you need.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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