How to backup dbFront before an upgrade. I don't want to loose my settings.

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After I’ve downloaded the latest version, do I just need to do a custom install and install the updated service, or do I need to do a full install. I don’t want to overwrite all of what I’ve already done.

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Yes it is always a great idea to do a backup.

You should be able to just run the installer and do a regular install and it will upgrade the service and the website files without damaging your setup. But just in case you should run a backup first.

You only need a custom install if you manually installed dbFront initially.

The folders that should be backed up are:

  • Service Folder: c:\program files(x86)\dbfront
  • Website Folder: c:\inetpub\dbfront
  • Data / Settings: c:\data\dbFront

For future reference, I use a source control program to backup my c:\data\dbFront folder and ignore the cache subfolder. The file and folder names are cryptic but it lets me better monitor what dbFront is doing.

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