How to recover/restore a previous configuration.

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Is there a way to recover a previous configuration set?

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As of version, dbFront will automatically create a backup of the configuration with every change. These backups are automatically maintained and purged.

Although the config backups happen automatically, at the moment, the restore process is complex.

To recover one of these backups you need to find the correct configuration backup file and restore it.

The default location for all of the dbFront configuration and backups is [C:\Data\dbFront\Data\].

Within this folder you will find one or more folders with names like "7b7b8114868d4b5694ac3cb3c9d4b4a0". Each one of these folders represents a single database connection.

Within each database connection folder you will find a "Backups" folder containing the backup files for the databases available to that connection. The backup files will have names like "AdventureWorksLT_20191024_153329.713.jsonData".

The backup filename begins with the name of the database followed by the date and time of the backup.

To restore a backup you will need to copy the file to the folder [C:\Data\dbFront\Export].

Once the backup file has been copied to the folder [C:\Data\dbFront\Export], then you will be able to select and restore it from within dbFront.

To restore a backup do the following:

  1. Login to dbFront with Admin privileges,
  2. Switch to the "Advanced View",
  3. Select the connection for which you want to restore the configuration.
  4. Click on the "Import" button,
  5. Select the database who's configuration you want to restore,
  6. Select the backup file you previously copied to the [C:\Data\dbFront\Export] folder.

Config backup files will not contain any data so the restore process should be very quick.

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