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Do you have steps on how to accomplish filtering from the drop-down menu?
For example, I have a table called CONTROLLER in which I store following 3 items:

Second table called CHIPSET. Now this table could have multiple items that are associated with one controller, lets’s say Intel.
As you can see, filtering here works fine

So far so good...
Now... I have another table called AOC_CHIPSET
In here I would assign a card to the controller and chipset. What I am looking at here is to be able to select controller (like Intel) and all ONLY the chipset items that are assigned to Intel like the picture above shows would show up under the Chipset drop-down.

Here the AOC_CHIPSET Table info with PK/ FK Info

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If I read your question correctly, you are looking for instructions on implementing a cascading lookup.

If so please see: Cascading Lookups/Dropdowns

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